Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My favorite GPT Sites

If some of you guys do not know by now... GPT means Get Paid to. These sites can be anything from making money by taking surveys, clicking ads or even referring people. I happen to have a couple favorite Gpt sites, I will be talking about why they are my favorite and the services they offer.

1. is a site where you are paid to click. When you first join the site you might think this site is measly; how can I make any money from this site? When you first join as a regular member you are able to click about 10 ads a day and each ad pays you $.01. You might think wow, 10 cents a day big whoop. Making money from this site does not come from clicking your own ads.. it comes from inviting and referring friends to the site. has an interesting referral program where whoever you refer you make whatever they make.
Lets say you have 50 referrals and they each click 10 ads a day.
50 x $ .10 = $5 daily... without doing anything!
If you have problems referring people you can also buy unreferred members from there site.
I bought 300 members from their site and I am almost in profit from just 12 days and I am currently making about $20 a day.

They also offer different referral packages..
Click here to Purchase 15 Members for $16.98
Click here to Purchase 35 Members for $34.95 and save 10%
Click here to Purchase 100 Members for $98.00 ($5.00 Cashback Bonus)
Limited! 500 un-referred Members! is also great because it offers a premium membership.
The premium membership is only $59 and it lasts for a year. With the premium membership all of your, and referral clicks are worth $ .0125 instead of .01. With the premium membership you also get a mastercard atm card where you can withdraw your earnings at.

Overall is a great site to invest in! Thousands of members have made in the thousands from

To join or for more proof check it out by clicking the banner below:

2. Cash Crate

Cash Crate is a site where you fill out offers and surveys for money. Cash Crate is currently one of the most used gpt sites with well over 500k members currently making money. Cashcrate is unique because it has a wide variety of offers to complete and a sorting menu to help you find what kind of offers would appeal to you.
Cash Crate is also one of my favorite GPT sites because its referral commission is outstanding. It offers 20% for first level referrals and 10% for second level referrals. Also whenever a referral reaches a $10 cashout you automatically get $3 for free. This site is also great because the more referrals you get the higher referral commission you will get.
This site also offers referral contests and highest earner contests where they give out wii's and big cash prizes.
From this site you can definitely make $500 a month easily, with a good amount of referrals.
Bottom line:
I think this is the best site for making money by filling out surveys. The contests and referral commission offered by this site is unmatched.

Check out cashcrate today!

3. My third favorite site is : SWATCash

SWATCash is just like Cash Crate in where you make money by filling out offers. SWATCash is a great site to join because it is always best to be part of multiple GPT sites... the more different GPT sites you are part of; the more money you can make. SWATCASH offers a wide variety of high paying offers and ways to make money. With SWATCASH instead of doing offers you can also make money by clicking ads.
SWATCASH also offers a unique combat system, you can fight people for coins and with that you can eventually buy prizes. Unlike cashcrate SWATCASH offers a only a 20% referral commission only to first level referrals.

Overall I think this site is a great addition to have in your GPT list.

Join today!

If you join all of these sites and eventually get to the point where you are filling out a bunch of offers and have a good amount of referrals then you will be on you way to making good money.

Also if you happen to be part of any GPT Sites please comment about your experiences and tell me what you find is unique about it.


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  6. offers a low 0.50 cent minimum payout and pays within 1 hour

  7. offers a low 0.50 cent minimum payout and pays within 1 hour

  8. Bux is exactly the kind of ponzi scheme that makes one person rich and the rest of us think we just got robbed. NewFlash! we just did. Thanks Bux, thanks for all the months wasted wondering, thanks for making me feel like a complete idiot for signing up to your pathetic scheme, thanks for all the lies, and when I really needed the money you weren't there, thanks for banning me repeatedly for trying to teach those baffoons on your forum what you were doing. thanks for not replying to the 26 support tickets I submitted, but hey, thanks for taking my credit card payment instantly. Thanks for changing your terms of service whenever you feel like it, thanks for all your hollow promises. anyone who gives money to this site is a moron.

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