Saturday, March 28, 2009

7 SEO Tips for Your Blogspot

Many people try to get a high rank on google, they think that as long as they post good content that their page will be ranked high. WRONG. What many people don't know is that you need both good content and a page optimized to rank higher in search engines. I will be telling you tips for getting your blog ranked higher.

1. Have a good title and description - Try to have a good title and description on your blogger page. This is the first and most important keywords Search Engines crawl for, if you have good keywords chances are people will find you blog. To see the rankings of keywords use this page:
Adwords Keyword Tools

2. Have good post titles - In blogger whenever you post a new post the link will be whatever Title you put when you FIRST made the post.

This is crucial... Make sure you make a link title that is a general understanding of your post (You can always change your post title later, ex: 100 Seo Tips you didn't know)

What not to do: Never just make a crappy title!
Random Jibberish

These will not be found by Google or any other search engines!

3. Place keywords throughout your blog!

Say your blog is about making money online, try to post those keywords around your blog. Good places to post keywords are in the side bar, footer, and as I said above Title and Description.

Make sure not to overdo it or make it spammy! Try to make it flow with your blog, example:
In the footer you can put Make Money Online -

Also Google takes notes of keywords bolded and italicized or in a list. Try to use this whenever possible!

4. Change the Title Tags for your Blog Titles

When search engines search for your blog or site they read the titles of importance from left to right. In default blogger blots display the Website name first then the post name which is not really efficient if you are trying to get your blog. If you would like to switch the blog post to be in front of the title visit this post:

Blogger Buster: Change title tags for your blog.

5. Use less images, especially flash!

Google and other search engines look through your site for keywords whenever their is a search, unfortunately images and flash files won't show up as they are not text. Images are good to have on a site but don't overdo it! Say you have a nav bar, instead of images use text. Images only apply to image searches, but flash files don't apply to either image search or web search. If you do have a flash file make sure to put a Descriptive title.

6. Write good content!

You already know this by now, but writing good content is one of the most important factors. If your page is ranked high, but you have crappy content, chances are your visitors will never come back. Writing good content is also a good way of ensuring that people will link to your blog. Remember the more times your site is linked to the higher you will be on Search Engines!

7. Submitting your site to search engines!

You have good content, but you are not getting the views you want. I am no rocket scientist, but this could make that you are not indexed! Dun. Dun. Dun! ... actually don't worry, it is easier than you think. Below are the top search engines to submit you site to.
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Msn
  • Ask Jeeves
Search Directory: Directory
This can rank in some traffic. What it is a list of websites within a certain category which is called a directory.

If you would like to submit all to all Google, Msn, and Yahoo at the same time visit this link:
Orange Submit

That is it for now, be sure to subscribe as I will start posting more fresh content!


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