Saturday, June 21, 2008

ChaCha - Would you like to dance?

Cha stands for search and ChaCha stands for dance. Clever name, eh? Well it is. The concept is very clever. ChaCha is a site where you answer people's texts for money. People text 242242 from their phone (standard text messaging rates apply) and your job is to look up the question and answer it as a ChaCha Guide.

An example would be,

What is the size of a hippo?
(You would look it up, and the answer would look something like this.)
A hippopotamus weights up to 3 1/2 tons and grows 13 feet long and 5 feet tall.
Thanks for using ChaCha and text back at 242242!

ChaCha has a brilliant concept, and is beneficial to both the texter and the ChaCha guide. ChaCha is not like a GPT site, you can actually make decent money with ChaCha ($1000 a month or more) where with GPT sites you can make about $100 a month.
For ChaCha you make $.20 per search, they take about .5-3 minutes. The pay is good, you can make $6-12 and hour easily. It is also great because it won't interfere with your schedule. You can work whenever you want, and for however long you want to. ChaCha is a great service and it is currently only accepting people who are over 18 and located in the US. You can either get paid monthly through your bank account or whenever you want through a debit card that is set up through ChaCha. If you are interested in joining ChaCha as a guide then please just post a comment with your e mail.

I have made $160 already in about 4 days of work and this is an example of the kind of earnings you will get in a month.


  1. Can you please tell me how to sign up for Chacha? My email address is


  2. Will you tell me where to sign up?

  3. I wanted to tell you about They are an unofficial forum dedicated only to chacha and there are tons of resources and help there. You can talk to other guides learn tips and tricks to work better and faster and complete FAQs for almost everything ChaCha! Plus you dont have to deal with the pressure of the official forums. Feel free to check us out and tell your friends about it. Its a perferct place for anyone looking to start with chacha to come too. We have everything the need there to help them get started from the first intial application and throughout their job if they are hired! Also chat with others and see how we are all dealing with the new pay change.

  4. I would like to sign up for ChaCha. My email is


  5. Can you please help me sign up as well. My email is acidheat [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

    Thanks much