Tuesday, May 5, 2009

31 DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites

There are two types of sites..

DoFollow or NoFollow... by default sites are DoFollow, but some sites decide to let their links become NoFollow which means that any links on that site or in the specific NoFollow area are not to be spidered by Google or any other search engines. An example of one of these sites is Digg, in which they used to be DoFollow but changed the bookmarked links to NoFollow.

DoFollow sites are sites that allow your link to be spidered by search engines which in return improves your Page rank and link juice. Generally you get more of a benefit by linking on higher page ranked sites, here are a list of 31 DoFollow Social Bookmarking sites that help your site have a higher page rank and a higher SERP. The following number in parantheses is the page rank of the site. Regular bookmarking of your posts to these sites will in return help you gain more page visitors, improve SERP, and improve your page rank! Enjoy!

  1. Blinklist (8)
  2. Mister Wong (7)
  3. Folkd (7)
  4. Oneview (7)
  5. Spurl (6)
  6. Backflip (6)
  7. BibSonomy (6)
  8. Diigo (6)
  9. Furl (6)
  10. Feedmarker (6)
  11. LinkaGoGo (5)
  12. SpotBack (5)
  13. Connectedy (5)
  14. myVmarks (5)
  15. Health Ranker (5)
  16. Jumptags (5)
  17. Buddy Marks (5)
  18. IndianPad (5)
  19. MyLinkVault (4)
  20. A1 Webmarks (4)
  21. Dizzed (4)
  22. Bookmark Tracker (4)
  23. OYAX (4)
  24. PixelMo (4)
  25. MyPip (3)
  26. SyncOne (3)
  27. Yattle (3)
  28. Memfrag (3)
  29. TeDigo (2)
  30. buzztagz (1)
  31. Chipmark (1)
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  1. thanks for this list!!!!

  2. Mr Wong and Bibsonomy are nofollow, but a good list all the same.

  3. Wow thanks for this list! I'm definitely going to start adding my blogs to them. :)

    Also bookmarked this page :)

  4. thanks for share ... are you dofollow??

    best regard

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  6. Wow....thanks for great list! it's not easy to find these kind of sites. Keep up the good work.

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  8. Really great and useful list you have shared all of these sites are good for SEO purpose.

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