Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bought 200 referrals from

Hey everyone. 2 days ago I just bought 200 referrals from and also became a premium member. I will be tracking my progress and stats at my new blog

Just like me you to can make money from To join go to my referral link. I am a premium member which means who ever I refer will be able to click 20 ads instead of 10 and will be able to make 1.25 cents a click rather than 1 cent a click. All you have to do is click ads and once you accumulate at least $10 then you will be able to cashout.

These are the example of the earnings that you can make.
Earnings Example
» You click 20 ads per day = $0.25
» 25 premium referrals click 20 ads per day = $6.25
» Your monthly earnings = $195.00
» Your total annual earnings = $2,340.00

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