Thursday, February 19, 2009

ChaCha's New Payment Plan - no need to meet top guide anymore.

ChaCha just recently on February 17, implemented their new category payment plan. This means that you won't need to have a certain amount of searches a week to make $.20 each question.... but now "The amount you earn for answering a query will now be determined by the type of question it is." This mean's that if you miss a week of ChaCha-ing you won't be penalized and lose your top guide spot. They said,

"We’ve noticed that Top Guide changes on Thursdays cause anxiety and disappointment for some of our Guides. For those who fall just short, like a 4th place Olympian, it can be more than a little demoralizing."

The categories each pay a different amount per question, the highest being .22 and the lowest being .10.

You are probably wondering, what about quality, does it still matter? Yes it does. There is a now a tab where you can see your quality rating. From ChaCha,

"Your quality rating will affect how likely you are to receive queries compared to another Guide. Whether traffic is high or low, the best Guides will get first dibs on incoming questions for their categories and interests. That means the most chances to earn."

My personal thoughts, I think their new update is excellent, there is no anxiety of trying to meet top guide each week, and personally I think the questions are coming in much smoother, I have got back to back questions all last night.

To read more on their new category pay update you can click here:

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