Tuesday, February 19, 2008

GPT Site Tips and Tricks

Does it cost anything to join GPT Sites?
No these sites are completely free to join. Of course, some offers on the sites offer trials which you have to pay a small shipping payment(usually like 3 dollars) to get 20 dollars, although most of the trials are free.

Ok, I joined now what?
Once you join first thing you have to do is verify your email address. That means you have to make sure you put in a valid email address. Once you do that some of the sites might ask for a phone verification. After that you browse the sight and look for offers to fill. If you don't want to fill out your phone number on the offer because you don't want to get spam there is a free voicemail service on laservoicemail. Also if you don't want to receive spam to your main email account you can just make a free email account from gmail to which they will send the offers to. Another note is to make sure you put in all your exact details, chances are companies will not mail you anything because e-mail is much cheaper.

Best way to complete offers:
First thing is first.
1. Make Sure to use different email accounts: As long as you own the email account its no problem to use whatever one that you want. If you use the same email address on the same company their might be more chances that they won't accept it because they want a variety of leads.
2. Clear your cookies/cache between every offer. I recommend you use ccleaner.
3. Go to "tools" in your browser window and set your internet options under your privacy tab to "accept all cookies." This does not decrease the security of your pc but it does help to insure approval of offers.
4. It is recommended to use either Internet Explorer or Firefox, most sites don't work well with any other browsers.

Once you make sure you have all those above steps done then you can start completing offers. Just browse the site for offers and once you find one that you like click on the link. Once you click on the link follow all the instructions that the site recommends and make sure you complete it fully. After that mark the offer as completed and then the offer will be pending and will be credited to your account usually within less than a day.

Are these sites Legit? Yes, GPT sites pay big money for your opinions. When you complete a offer they pay the GPT site for your information and then the GPT site pays you about 75% of what they made. Also since spam advertising is really inexpensive a bunch of companies use this method rather than putting it on TV(etc.).

Some important reminders:
Most offers will be completed and if not make sure you follow all my steps.
You have to earn Minimum payment to get paid. They usually pay every month.

Want referrals?
*Please bare in mind that for referrals you don't take any percentage of what your referral makes, it is a pure bonus.*
So.. you joined a site, completed offer and now you want referrals.. For referrals I recommend posting your link on forums, tell your friends about it, post ads. You can also join this site. They bring a bunch of interesting customers to your GPT sites.

Just post a comment if you have any questions!

Have fun making money online!


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